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Darkside - The Pink Floyd Show

Probably about six years ago, while trawling through YouTube, I found a clip of the film More and the Floyd were playing in the background (Start at 11:56).


It was not a song that I recognised.Over the next few weeks, I tried to find what the song was and if there was a version other than the one in the background of the film. To cut a long story short, the song is called Seabirds and is attributed to Roger Waters. It was not included on the More album and although there is a song with the title Seabirds on the Early Years box set, it is not the song used in the film. As far as I am aware, there is not a complete recording of Seabirds in existence by Pink Floyd. Skip forward a couple of years and we were doing a show in Newport and were stopping overnight at the world famous Rockfield Studios. Late night conversations lead to the decision to return the following year and do some recording. It seemed like a great idea to record Seabirds, as it didn’t exist. A year later we were back and laid down the key elements of the song but with our own arrangement (as there is only really a snippet of the song in the film). Ross, our sound engineer and owner of Regent Studio, then spent many happy hours mixing and remixing until we had something that we were not only happy with and also felt suitably Floydy. The reason I am excited is that the song is now mixed, complete and ready to share, together with a fabulous video produced for us by DRF Music Production. I really hope you enjoy it as much as we have while making it.

                   Andy Baker


Andy Baker - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Andy Dyehouse - Keyboard, Saxophone & Backing Vocals

Steve Greystone - Drums & Percussion

Andy Harrison - Guitar & Vocals

Marko Kushta - Keyboard, Effects & Backing Vocals

Mike Ridley-Dash - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Ross Wareing - Additional Guitar & Backing Vocals

Recorded at Rockfield Studio, Monmouth, Wales

Mixed by Ross Wareing at Regent Studio Wolverhampton

Film by Dan Cooper & Doug Fyfe

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