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3 Weeks

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Afrodahlia spent the last couple of years building an audience on Instagram by posting covers to many popular songs, one of which, ‘I Want You Around’ was liked by the original artist Snoh Aalegra. She was also selected by RCA Records to be part of their Marketing Campaign when launching their then newly signed artist Foushee.

3 Weeks is an anthem for any person that has been ghosted with little to no explanation thus making it a relatable topic in this era of dating with technology. Written by Afrodahlia and produced by SunsetDrver (producer of Shae Universe’s ‘Levels’), 3 Weeks is a a record that has a sad subject but sounds happy and energetic. She shows vulnerability on a topic that people are often to embarrassed to talk about. The production and songwriting took inspiration from late 70s and 80s disco, pop, soul and RnB music. Ultimately it is a fun and catchy song that she wants people to groove to.

Record Label Executives and A&Rs who have listened to ‘3 Weeks’ have praised the songwriting and vocals with an A&R from Polydor saying ‘This wouldn’t sound out of place in the Top 40 charts’. Afrodahlia plans to play gigs in London performing 3 Weeks as well as other unreleased tracks. 3 Weeks will be many people’s introduction to Afrodahlia but there are many more songs on the way from her.

Instagram: @afrodahlia

Twitter: @afrodahlia2

Link to Music:


Review below was written by beatsandrotations

Afrodahlia navigates the bounce of the disco infused funk production with the smoothness of butter. The sadness in the subject of being ghosted works well with the upbeat tempo and colourful production to create that feeling OutKast gave us with Hey Ya! The juxtaposition creates a happier feeling associated with being ghosted, almost like you could listen to this song if you were being ghosted and not feel so bad about it. The production has a 70s texture to it and her voice glides through the guitar riffs and bass like stirring honey into warm tea. The feeling is comforting, being ghosted is never a nice feeling and this song will make you feel like you're not alone in being ignored.



Produced by SunsetDrver

Written by Afrodahlia

Mixed and Mastered by Ross Wareing at Regent Studio


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